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Carisoprodol is the generic name of the commercial name prescription medicine soma. It is a commonly prescribed muscle relaxant drug with sedative properties. The therapeutic benefits derived from this medicine may prove valuable in some situations. However, there are certain risk factors also linked with the use of soma 500mg drug, like overdose or addiction to it.

The potential for addiction to this medicine exists because of the way it works. It is prescribed in pill form and it is believed to work by making changes in the way nerves communicate with each other in your brain. This drug also alters the sensations of pain in your spinal cord and brain.

Soma 500mg is taken in combination with rest and physical therapy. It is a medicine taken for acute conditions that cause muscle and skeletal pain for a time period not exceeding two to three weeks.

Is Soma 500 mg addictive?

Evidence shows that this drug does come with addictive properties. Hence, in the year 2011, it was classified as a schedule IV medication under the controlled substances act. This medicine works as a sedative on your central nervous system and when your body metabolizes it, it converts into meprobamate. Meprobamate is a tranquilizer that was originally available under commercial names such as Equanil, one of the first sedatives available in the United States.

Tranquilizers come with a potential for addiction. When Soma pills are taken in combination with other central nervous system depressants, the risk of overdosing on it goes up. Buy Soma 500mg to stay away from the pain and discomfort associated with muscle injuries.  A soma overdose takes place when your breathing gets so slow that you may lose consciousness, slip into a coma or even die. Some of the symptoms of soma abuse may include the following:

  1. Appearing intoxicated
  2. Physical impairment
  3. Irritability

Individuals suffering from an addiction to this medicine may show the following signs:

  1. Exhibit symptoms of depression
  2. Doctor shop regularly to get more tablets
  3. Have memory and cognition issues

To prevent overdosing on soma 500 mg, you should take it in the exact manner as has been prescribed by a qualified medical practitioner.

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